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Yunnan Provincial Museum

The Yunnan Provincial Museum is situated in Guandu District along the eastern portion of Guangfu Road. It has extensive collections of more than 200,000 items as a comprehensive museum.

Yunnan Provincial Museum

For tourists, the museum may assist them learn about Yunnan’s history and diverse ethnic culture; for history buffs, its extensive collections offer the chance to gain a deeper understanding of bronze civilization in ancient Yunnan and the Dian Kingdom (278–115BC).

The majority of the artifacts on display at the Yunnan Provincial Museum are bronze vessels, Buddhist relics, cultural artifacts from the region’s ethnic minorities, artwork, calligraphies and paintings, porcelain, etc.

Among them, the golden Kwanyin Statue from the Dali Kingdom, the golden tuinga with jewels of the Ming Dynasty (1368–1644AD), and the “Travel in Xishan Mountain” painted by Guoxi in the earlier Song Dynasty (960–1127AD) are among those considered national treasures.

Other treasures include the gilding Knight-shaped shell containers discovered in Jinning Shizhai Mountain, the Tiger and Ox



1. Arrive to Xin Bao Xiang He Qiao using bus nos. 169, 252, 261, A12, or D28. From there, walk northeast for 5 minutes to bridge a river and discover the museum’s north gate.
2. Board bus routes 31, 185, 186, 252, 253, 255, 261, C85, C143, or K15 and alight at Puzi Village. From there, walk northwest for about 7 minutes to reach the museum’s east gate.

Free (no reservation is required in advance)

9:00-17:00 (closed on Mondays)