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Yunnan is a multi-ethnic province, and one of only three provinces and regions in China whose ethnic groups’ population exceeds 10 million. In fact, the total population of its ethnic groups is over 13 million. Of China’s 55 ethnic groups, Yunnan has 51, of which 25 live within their own compact communities, and each has a population of over 5,000. Fifteen groups were born in Yunnan, and have lived only in the province. They are the Bai, Hani, Dai, Lisu, Wa, Lahu, Naxi, Jingpo, Bulang, Pumi, Nu, De’ang, Dulong, Achang and Jinuo minorities.

The province has effectively implemented the state policies with regard to ethnic minorities. All nationalities here live and work peacefully in harmony and contentment. Colorful ethnic cultures and arts make up a “museum of ethnic minorities”, presenting a truly charming picture.

-Houses of the Ethnic Minorities
-Ethnic Clothing and Decoration
-Folk Art
-Minority Languages
-Folk Songs and Dances