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What to buy in Yunnan

Yunnan White Powder

Yunnan White Powder is a well-known Chinese patent drug. At the beginning, it was named as ” Baibao Dan ” ( Hundred Treasures Drug). It has the remarkable effects off stopping bleeding, invigorating of blood circulation and eliminating of blood stasis, anti – inflammation, and clearing out the pus. It has been widely applied in treatments concerning injury and gynecological diseases.

In 1979 and 1984, Yunnan White Powder were twice awarded the Golden Medals in China.

Yunnan Go ChessYunnan Go Chess

Yunnan Go Chess, abbreviated as “Yun Chess”, is a treasure of the go chess lovers at home and abroad. It was originally produced in a place located in Yongcang Prefecture ( now Baoshan Prefecture of Yunnan Province), it is also called by the name of “Yong Chess “.
It has a history of more than five hundred years. In both Ming and Qing Dynasties, it was an article of tribute to the Emperors. The white chess is as pure as jade while the black one is as black as agate. The chess is packed in a traditional porcelain artistic container or in a straw knitted box.

Dali Marble ProductsDali Marble Products

The reserves of Dali marble are abundant. There are more than ten kinds of Dali marble products, including relief sculpture, vertical sculpture, seating screen, hanging screen, fruit container, potted landscape, ashtray and decorative marbles.

Medicinal MaterialsMedicinal Materials

With numerous mountains standing on the highland, Yunnan Province is rich in medicinal materials due to the complicated landscape and various climates. There are more than 3,000 kinds of medicinal materials including expensive and rare Yunnan gastrodia tuber, Tienchi (also not-ginseng), cordyceps, short-pedicel aconite root, amomum fruit, Yunnan radix angelica sinensis ( also radix angelica sinensis) Yunnan aucklandia root, Kunming Hill Begonia.

Yunnan Tea

As a tea planting province and an original tea production base, Yunnan started planting tea about 1700 years ago. Pu’er in Yunnan became a collecting and distributing area of tea in Song Dynasty.

Yunnan tea is one of the world’s quality broadleaf tea. The distinctive features of Yunnan tea are the bright color, the dense and durable taste. The finished products are classified into two groups by color and fragrance. Yunnan tea products include Yunnan green tea, Yunnan jade green tea, Yunnan mixed tea, Xuanchun tea, Hongbao and Yinzhen tea. The scented tea is grouped in smoked tea, white orchid tea, jasmine tea and popular jasmine tea.