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The Yi Nationality

Yi nation is one of ancient nations in Yunnan. Their ancient people were related with Qiang nation, now the population of 4.05 million . They are distributed over Chuxiong, Honghe, Ailaoshang and areas of Xiaoliangshang in Yunnan.

The Yi Nationality

Their language is a branch of the family of Tibetan and Myanmar languages. Yi lives in a type of house of wood timbers battlement, The fire of fireplace ( a hollow dug on the ground) is never put off a year around in their houses. It is the living center of the family so called “Fireplace Culture”. Yi’s nature is so forthright, good at drinking, singing and having a felt on the back.

The family system is the structure of a husband and one wife forming a small family. They prefer to the black color, so in the history the Yi nobleman was always in black, the white represented the “Wazi” meaning the serfs.

The man has a black scarf around the head and a set of black clothes. But the woman is in colorful shining clothes. Yi nation believes in the Master of Soil and multi-Gods religion. Their main holiday is the “Festival of Torch” (Around in March) .