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The Yao Nationality

Yao nation in Yunnan moved from Guangdong and Guangxi in Tang Dynasty, divided into several branches by their living places and the clothes, such as “Guoshang Yao”, “Hongtou Yao”, “Daban Yao”, “Pingtou Yao”, “Landin Yao”, “Sha Yao” and “Baitou Yao”.

The Yao Nationality

With a population of 173 thousand , distribute over the regions of Hekou, Jinping , Yuanyang and other places. They have no own characters and use the Chinese as their language.

Yao women are good at the embroidering , love the pretty embroidery patterns on the neck part of garments. The men like the long hairs and wound them on the heads covered by a red or blue scarves, the long sleeves front buttons jackets without the collars, the white cloth vest outer, the big bottom of long trousers at lower parts.

They believe in the original religion. The main holiday is the “Panwang Feast”, they would celebrate it by the ways of singing and dancing.