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The Miao Nationality

There are 896 thousand Miao people in Yunnan, mainly distributed over Wenshang, Honghe and Zhaotong regions. They mostly inhabit in the mountain areas, work as the farmers ,speak Miao language which is the Miao branch of the family of Myanmar and Tibetan language.

The Miao Nationality

Many kinds of garments for Miao nation , they can be parted to Qing Miao, Bai Miao and Hua Maio by the color of the clothes. The male likes the scarf wound the head and short jacket and trousers, female loves the upper garment with the embroidery patterns ( the front of Chinese garment which buttons on the right), lower part with pleated skirt.

Miao women are good at the spinning, embroidery and wax dyeing. Their family is consisted of a husband and a wife and the children, the aged male people would be the head of the family. When the brothers grown up, they should live apart.

Miao nation believe in the original religion, they spend many kinds of festivals, but the “Spring Festival” and “Feast of Bullfight”. take the important role in their holidays.