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The Dulong Nationality

The Dulong nationality, with a population of 6,000 is the smallest ethnic group in Yunnan Province. They live mainly in the Dulong River Valley of Gonshan Dulong and Nu Autonomous County, Nujiang Prefecture.

The Dulong Nationality

A few live in Fugong and Weixi counties. In the past they were called “Qiao”, “Qiao Ren” and “Qu Ren” by others and “Dulong” by themselves. In 1952, they were named the Dulong nationality. They have their own oral language but no writing system.

The Dulong people living in the Dulong Rive Valley are divided into dozens of clans. Each clan consists of several patriarchal families with several big families in each. The members of each big family share the means of production. They eat together, cultivate the fields together, and share the harvest, which is a good reflection of the early patriarchal family system.

The clothes of the Dulong people are quite simple. Both men and women wear black-and -white linen cloth woven by themselves. they make a knot in the front. the same piece of cloth is used as clothes in the daytime, and as quilt at night. both men and women wear loose hair and copper earring, and are bare-footed In the old days, the women tattooed their faces. But now their customs are greatly changed. they now wear coats, trousers and tight skirts. The women like to wear colorful plastic beads on their heads.

The majority of the Dulong people believe in their own primitive religion, but some believe in Christianity. The only festival is called “kaquewa”, which is actually the New Year festival. It falls in December or January on the lunar calendar.