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The Bulang Nationality

The Bulang nationality has a population of 85,000. The majority of them live in on the Bulang Mountain, Bada, Xiding and Daluo of Xishuangbanna The others are scattered in Yunxian, Zhengkang, Yongde, shuangjiang, Gengma counties of Lincang Prfecture; Cangyuan, Mojiang and Jingdong counties of Simao Prefecture.

The Bulang Nationality

The Bulangs nationality has its own langrage, which belongs to the Mon-Khmer Branch of the Southern Asian Language Family (Bulang Branch). They use the Han and the Dai language as their writing systems. They believe in primitive religion. Influenced by the Dai nationality, they also believe in Theravada.

In the Bulang mountain region of Menghai County, the system of giving names based on the maternal side is still in effect, which is a good example of the uxorilocal. After the wedding ceremony, the bridegroom has to stay with the bride’s family for three years. After that ,when they have their own children, the husband can take his wife back to his own house.

The Bulang piople’s clothes are similar to the Dai’s. The men wear collarless black short coats, black loose trousers, and black or blue turbans. The usually coil their hair in a bun and like to wrap the hair with black cloth. Both men and women are fond of dyeing their teeth, drinking wine, smoking and chewing betel nuts.