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Taking Care of Yourself while Traveling in Yunnan

Altitude Sickness

It is normal to feel a little bit sick from the high altitude of the Yunnan Highland. The altitude of Kunming is 1,896 meters. while climbing mountains, many tourists will feel sick as the altitude rises higher and higher. The usual symptoms include headache, feeling nauseated, vomiting, choking sensation in the chest, and numb four limbs. It’s not necessary to see a doctor for these symptoms disappear in three days as you will be adapted the high altitude.
However, in order to reduce or eliminate the altitude sickness, it is best to have high calorie food, such as chocolate, peanuts, and bread. When entering the plateau area, please pay attention to keeping yourself warm enough. It is best to replenish some acid food, including dried meat, fish, eggs, poultry, cereals, peanuts, and walnuts when meeting with the symptoms of dizziness, nauseate and slightly respiratory alkalosis. These food will help you in regulating the balance of the acid and alkali soda of your body. It is better not to drink any alcoholic for alcoholic drinking consumes too much of your body’s oxygen. The best advice is to peacefully rest yourself on the bed without doing many physical activities. In case of serious sickness, it is best to see a doctor for a proper treatment. As for headaches, it is possible to treat it by taking some pain killers, massaging or needling the acupoints of connected valleys (LI 4), the temple acupoint, the Shangxing (GV23 ) acupoint or the baihui acupoints.

Proper Clothing for Leaving Home

I. Clothes

When visiting Yunnan in the summer, it is better to wear long sleeve shirt and pants for protecting your body from sunburn and the bites of pests, such as mosquitoes. In order to keep yourself warm enough, it is better to take a thin woolen sweater, for the temperatures in early morning and late evening are comparatively lower than that of the mid-day.

Known for its moderate climate in Yunnan, the winter is not very cold in most places. however, it is better to take some light down feather clothes, or silk and cotton clothes, or camel hair clothes. For the underwear, we would like to recommend you the cotton textiles, or shirts made of fine cotton cloth, soft, warm and comfortable in the typical Yunnan winter.

It is nice to take some thin sweater or some light coats for traveling in Yunnan in spring and autumn for convenience. If possible, please prepare a cotton long pants, because the weather in most parts of Yunnan is variable.

II. Shoes

Remember never to walk in Yunnan in new shoes, high heeled shoes, leather dress shoes or plastic shoes.

Do not forget that Yunnan is situated on the highland with steep hills and mountains. In addition, your feet will be easily hurt by these kinds of inconvenient shoes mentioned previously. Shoes like sports shoes, soft sole shoes and walking shoes are the first choices. They are light and flexible, comfortable and elastic in nature.

III. Socks

The proper socks for going with on a tour are made of cotton because of its nature of absorbing sweat and softness. In winter, it is also good to wear socks made of cotton, soft, protective, comfortable and elastic. If going on a mountain climbing tour or an investigation, please try to take the puttee into consideration. It can reduce the varicose veins of leg and strengthen your step.

IV. Sunglasses

Owing to the strong sunrays on the Yunnan plateau, it is proper to prepare yourself a pair of sunglasses. Especially in spring, they can protect your eyes from being irritated by dust and sand.

V. Gauze mask

It is very windy and dry in both winter and spring in Yunnan. To protect yourself against sand, it is best to bring with you a gauze mask.