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Sightseeing in Dali

Dali, a treasure land, boasts of its natural beauty, long history, famous culture and elite peoples, enjoying a fame of “Culturally Renown City”.

Mountains in Dali are very high, with green pine and jade like bamboo. Brooks flow with pretty sounds. Flowers are blooming everywhere. Cangshan in Dali is very steep, pretty and charming with its sharp cliffs, green trees and flowers. There are 19 screen-like peaks touches the sky.

Sightseeing in Dali

The top of mountain is snow-clad all year around, with fog surrounding the peaks. It looks so mystique and so unfathomable. Among each two peaks of these 19 peaks, there is always a brook with clear water running. Sometimes the water runs like sheets of jade one piece upon the other. Sometimes the water runs like a waterfall flying down from the sky. Sometimes the water looms inside the bamboo forest.

The brooks are running with clear dingdong sound to Erhai Lake. There is Jizu Mountain, a pilgrimage for Buddhists, famous in Southeast Asia. The murals from the caves of Shibao Mountain are as beautiful as those of Dunhuang. Weibao Mountain was the cradle for the Nanzhao Kingdom in the Tang Dynasty.

The basins in Dali are always surround by mountain, brooks, fields, villages, happy people. Golden Sand (Jinshajiang) River is located at Dali’s east, Lancang River and Nu River at west, Lishe River at south, and Heihui River at north.

So Dali is crisscrossed with rivers and brooks running all year around. Erhai lake, Cibi Lake, West Lake, Sky Lake in Dali are all known as Bright Pearls on the plateau with waves upon waves, willows after willows, and villages by villages surrounded. Erhai Lake is swept with thousand waves. Fish can be seen from clear water. White sails are dotted on the lake, which are surrounded by fishermen’s villages. Willows are on the lakeshore with branches touching water.

There are many famous tourist spots around the lake such as Three Pagoda Temple, Butterfly Spring, Erhai Park, Avalokitesvara Temple, and so on. They are so charming that Dali becomes much more interesting. Dali is so attractive that a visitor will forget his nostalgia just as the following poems describing Dali: “Water runs around mountains and mountains surround the cities. A river runs smoothly from villages with smoke floating upward. Birds are flying out from white clouds. Fish are swimming inside a pretty lady’s mirror. The mystique mist comes up from the Lake. Boats and buildings in the lake tell autumn stories.

A drawer who can draw tiger heads and sleeping dragons with just black ink, can not draw a picture like this with so many papers wasted.” This poem was written by Li Jingo, a poet in the Yuan Dynasty. There are still the unique scenes hard to find in the world such as Shangguan Flowers, Xiaguan Wind, Cangshan Snow, Erhai Moon, Jade-Like Cloud, Butterfly Spring, and Weishan Bird Pass.