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Jiuxiang Caves

Jiuxiang Scenic Region is located in Jiuxiang Yi and Hui Autonomous Township of Yiliang County 90 km away from Kunming. In Yunnan Province it is a well-equipped comprehensive scenic region which is famous for its caves, mountains, rivers, deep valleys, minority customs and cultures. It has a mild climate all the year round. Its temperature is similar to Kunming’s and the average temperature throughout the year is 14.6°C.

Jiuxiang Caves

Jiuxiang Scenic Region consists of 5 major scenic spots: Diehong Bridge, the Sanjiao Cave, the Dasha Dam, the Alulong and the Mingyue Lake. Among them, the most outstanding and beautiful is Diehong Bridge Scenic Spot whose construction has already been finished and is now open to the public. Diehong Bridge Scenic Spot is located in the southeast of Jiuxiang Street which is 5 km away. It includes six major scenic spots: the Green Shady Valley, the White Elephant Cave, the Goddess Cave, the Lying Dragon Cave, the Bat Cave and the Tourist Cableway. The whole journey is about four kilometers long and the time needed is three hours.

Jiuxiang is known as the “museum of karst caves”, which boasts its caves as the largest in scale and number (there are about a hundred karst caves) and has the most wonderful in-cave scenes in China. The caves in Jiuxiang fall into 4 cave clusters: Sanjiao Cave, Dashang Cave, Diehong Cave and Dasha Dam Cave. 66 out of the numerous caves in the area are profitably exploitable and the karst cave cluster is the largest of its kind on Yunnan-Guizhou plateau. The caves in the area are praised for their grandeur, wonder grotesquerie and natural beauty.

Jiuxiang, the birthplace of the aboriginal Yi ethnic people, has a strong minority custom color, a long cultural history, and widely spread old myths and tales. These include Hunting Festival, the Worship the White Dragon Festival, Love Song Contest, Bullfighting, Wrestling, Sanxian Dance (Sanxian is a three-stringed plucked instrument), Rattle Stick Dance and so on.

Tourists should take enough clothes since they may get wet in boats when they visit the karst caves and the gorges. The folk songs and dances and the local food are also special. What’s more, Yangzonghai Lake Scenic Spot and Little White Dragon Forest Park are not far from Jiuxiang Scenic Spot. Tourists can take buses at the gate of the Jiuxiang to go there.



It’s extremely easy to travel to Jiuxiang Cave from Kunming’s city center; it’s only 108 kilometers distant. From the city center, there are numerous public buses that travel to Jiuxiang; the trip takes around 1.5 hours.

CNY 60 per person, includes boat ticket and tour guide fee
Free of charge for children below 1.3 meters (4.2 feet)

Chairlift: CNY 30


Due to its warm climate, Jiuxiang Scenic Spot can be visited all year long. In the spring, flowers are in full bloom and the temperature is just right. People can take a boat there in the summer and enter the caves to escape the heat.