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Jiaozi Snow Mountain

Jiaozi Mountain is well-known as the First Mountain in the middle of Yunnan. Jiaozi Snow Mountain or Sedan Chair Snow Mountain is l88km away from Kunming. Looking from a long distance, the snow mountain looks like a sedan chair placed in the millions of flowers, hence the name Sedan Chair Snow Mountain.

As the best snow view in the low latitude of Southeast Asia, Mt. Jiaozi, rising 4223m above sea level, is a beautiful scenic spot. Jiaozi Snow Mountain in Kunming.

Jiaozi Mountain is situated on the border of Luquan County and Dongchuan District, the main peak is 4,223 meters above the sea level. It’s called “the first mountain in middle of Yunnan”, because a King of Nanzhao kingdom titled Jiaozi Mountain the head of five famous mountains.

Jiaozi Snow Mountain

Jiaozi Snow Mountain scenic area is located in Kunming Treasury Luquan County Rural Mongolian territory, the entire mountain area of over a hundred years, the highest point 4223 meters Hyperion is the highest peak in Kunming.

Relative elevation mountain over 3000 meters, together with the unique topography, the formation of a unique three-dimensional climate, from the foot of the vertical temperature fell gradually upward. Jiaozi Snow Mountain in Yunnan are the lowest latitudes in winter snow peaks, has a unique natural landscape, each spring has dozens of azaleas in full bloom in the mountains. In addition, the size of the mountain ranges of alpine lakes, alpine meadow, the sedan chair scene in bright snow-capped mountains.

From the late of November to March next year, the snow mountain is snow and ice period, glacial lakes, ice waterfalls, Song fog, snow, etc. decorating the landscape in a different view, and can also watch sports such as skiing which can also be carried out. In spring time, you can view flowers.

Jiaozi Snow Mountain is just l88km away from the proper of Kunming, by car about five hours to reach the line, the base camp to the main scenic spot about five kilometers, and tour (plus round-trip distance) in about 2 days ~ 3 days.

Jiaozi Mountain looks green in the spring, blue in the summer, golden in the fall and silver in the winter. There is a saying about the unique Mountain View, “Different views of four seasons in the mountain, different weather only 10 miles away.” The peaks are precipitous, and the waterfalls and brooks flow around. There are virgin forests, mystical lakes, rare and exotic plants; you can even see rare birds and beasts in the mountain.

In the spring and summer, countless Indian azaleas blossom out just like sea, the color of mountain meadows becomes gorgeous; when the winter comes, the mountain is covered with snow. Jiaozi Mountain is a great tourist attraction for exploration.



From late November to March, when the mountain is covered with white snow, is the greatest time to admire its magnificence. Rivers have iced over. White snow has covered the tree branches, and a thick blanket of snow has covered the grassland. In their caves, animals are resting soundly. It is quite serene and peaceful.

1. From North Bus Station, take a bus to Zhuanlong Town, where you can then rent a car to get to Jiaozi Snow Mountain.
2. On Saturday or Sunday, you can catch a bus to the picturesque area at 8:00 a.m. from the Railway Museum next to Kunming Railway Station, or to the mountain area at 7:30 a.m. from the East Entrance of the International Trade Center. At 17:00, both buses arrive back.

CNY 35;
Half price for children between 1.2 – 1.4m (3.9 – 4.6ft);
Free for children under 1.2m.

8:30 – 17:30