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Jade Dragon Snow Mountain

Jade Dragon Snow Mountain in Lijiang city. Jade Dragon Snow Mountain or Yulong Snow Mountain, located 15 kilometers north of the county seat of Lijiang, is a national-level scenic area. Yulong Mountain is the southern section of the Hengduan Mountains. It has 13 peaks, stretching 35 kilometers from north to south. Shanzidou, the main peak, is 5,596 meters above sea level.

Jade Dragon Snow Mountain

Jade Dragon Snow Mountain stretches a length of 35 kilometers (22 miles) and a width of 20 kilometers (13 miles). Looking from Lijiang Old Town in the south which is 15 kilometers (nine miles) away, the snow-covered and fog-enlaced mountain resembles a jade dragon lying in the clouds, hence, the name Jade Dragon Snow Mountain. The highest peak named Fan Peak (Shanzidou in Chinese) which is about 5596 meters above sea level. There are three cablecars in the mountain, the fist to the Glacier Park(4500M),the second to Spruce Meadow(3200M),the third to Yak Meadow(3700M).

During the World War II, pilots of American air force found that there was a beautiful paramedic silver seamark on the Route Hump. It was so clear that pilots could see it hundreds of miles away. That is the main peak of Jade Dragon, Shanzidou. There are still 19 glaciers in Jade Dragon Mountain. They are the southernmost glaciers on the Eurasia in modern time. The glaciers were formed when the influence of oceanic monsoon. Usually, glaciers can only be found in high latitude areas. However, high elevation and abundant precipitation made it possible for glaciers to appear in this mountain despite its low-latitude site.

The Naxi people take the nature as a huge temple while mountains are the columns. There are two mountains believed the most important for the Naxi. One is the legendary Juna Shiluo Mountain. It is believed as the final dwelling place for people’s souls. Another is Jade Dragon, the spititual prop of the Naxi. The God of Jade Dragon, Sanduo, is the greatest protector of the Naxi people. In the Tang Dynasty, the king of Dali, Yi mouxan, in the ceremony of worshiping the Great Five Mountains, granted Jade Dragon as the North Holy Mountain. He also ordered people to build a temple at the foot of the mountain for worshiping the God Sanduo.



1. Board a bus at the Yuhe Parking Lot, which is close to Lijiang Old Down’s northern gate. At the northern end of Lanhua Street, across from the Tianyu Hotel, is the Tourist Service Center where you can purchase the ticket. The bus costs CNY40 per passenger and departs for Snow Mountain at 8:30 and returns at 16:30.
2. Leave the downtown area in a cab, automobile, minivan, or carpool with others. It is roughly 18 kilometers away (11 miles). Around 40 minutes pass. A round-trip charter costs between CNY 200 and CNY 300.

8:00 – 18:30 (Ticketing stops at 16:30.)

100 CNY is the admission charge.
CNY 204 for a combo ticket and CNY 280 for the Impression Lijiang Show (valid for 7 days). Snow Mountain, Yushui Village (Jade Water Village), Dongba Valley, Yufeng Temple, Yuzhu Qingtian Scenic Area, Dongba Kingdom, Dongba Gods’ Garden, Baisha Murals, and Sisters Lake are some of its features.

1. Visitors with access tickets to the snow mountain are welcome to explore Ganhaizi Grassland and Blue Moon Valley without charge.
2. To get to the ropeway terminus, tourists must use the touring bus. The price per person is CNY 20.
3. There is a daily limit of 10,000 visits to the Glacier Park.