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Gurong Hotel


ADD: , 59 Bo’ai Road, Old Dali Town, Dali, Yunnan, P.R. China

TEL: (86-872)2685999




Dali Gurong Hotel and Tourism Co. Ltd. features a high-end convention center and hotel, the controlling shareholder of which being Yunnan Tobacco Company. The hotel is located at 59 Bo’ai Road in Old Dali Town, and is in the close vicinity of the Foreigners’ Street. The Hotel stands at the foot of the Cangshan Mountain peaks and overlooks the far-extending Erhai Lake. The sky-piercing ancient banyan tree in the compound and the Three Towers of the Chongsheng Lamasery in the close vicinity have witnessed the century-long history of Dali, while vestiges of the Ming-Dynasty city wall in the compound are seemingly telling stories of the historical vicissitudes.

Gurong Hotel is managed by collaborating with Kunming Green Lake Hotel, which helps integrate the British royal housekeeping concept with modernized international hotel services in Gurong Hotel. By dedicating “24-hour housekeeping services” and perfectly combining prospective service with personalized cares, Gurong Hotel never neglects any trivial demand or preference of the guest, and does its best to offer the guest attentive and non-disturbing services.

Architecture of Gurong Hotel has distilled the essence of Dali landscape and the Bai-minority buildings. By combining unique architectural style with modern fashion of specialized business hotels, we strive to spotlight the unique cultural characteristics of the most luxurious business hotel in Dali.

Lying peacefully in the embrace of the azure Cangshan Mountain and the shimmering Erhai Lake, Dali Gurong Hotel by the ancient banyan tree will offer you the delight of staying at the first-rate business hotel and the enjoyment of graceful life in all seasons.

Year opened: Opened in 2007, Newly renovated in 2007

Internet service: Internet available and Free Wi-Fi in public area

Dining: Chinese restaurant

Location & Transportation:

– 0 km to Dali Old Town;

– 23 km to Erhai Park;

– 18 km to Dali Railway Stataion;

– 30km to Dali Airport.