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Du Wenxiu's Tomb

Du Wenxiu’s tomb is located at Xiadui Village, southeast of the former county seat of Dali. Du Wenxiu (1823 – 1872) was born in Yongcheng (Baoshan Prefecture today), Yunnan, of the Hui nationality.

du wenxiu tomb

In 1856, he led an uprising of the Hui, Han, Bai and Yi people in Menghua (Weishan County today), conquered Dali, and established a political power. He was venerated as the “Supreme Commander” of all troops. His slogn was to “Esteem the c~l of the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom in Nanjing and overthrow the Manqing Regime”.

The uprisings lasted for 18 years and 53 counties were occupied by the uprising peasants with him as the commander. The uprisings failed in January 26th, 1872, the 11th year of the Tongzhi era, and he died at his post by taking poison administered with the peacock’s gall.

The Qing troops cut off his head and exposed it to the public. Now, the tomb in Xiadui Village contains only his body. Du’s tomb is simple yet magnificent, shaded under pines and cypresses. The uprisings led by Du Wenxiu was a part of the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom’s uprisings.

It was a peasant revolution of the greatest scope, that produced the most important influences in the modern history of Yunnan.



You can access the place without entrance fee.

The Tomb of Du Wenxiu is located in the eastern part of Xiadui Village, five kilometers southeast of Dali.

Monday to Sunday 8am – 5pm