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Dali Foreign Tourist Street

Dali Foreign Tourist Street lies in Dali Ancient City. It was used to be called Huguo (means protect the country in Chinese) Street, signifying the event that Yunnan People, uprising with arms, fought against Yuan Shikai who claimed himself emperor. Huguo Street is 1000 meters long from the east end to the west. It is seven meters wide, paved with dark gray slates.

It starts from Tibetan-Yunnan road from the west side, crisscrossing with Bo Ai Street and Fuxin Street. With development of Dali tourism, tourist number has been greatly increased. Some come for having fun, some for enjoying food, some for finding a job, some for looking for beloved one.

Every has his/her own purpose. On the two sides of the streets, one can find restaurants of Chinese or Western food, famous tea houses, jewelry shops, antique shops, tie-dyeing cloth shops, galleries and so on. There are so many products that one is not able to see them all. And so the street becomes Dali Foreign Tourist Street famous home and abroad.

In recent years, with development of tourism, over forty thousand foreign tourists come to Dali every year. They usually lodge in Dali Foreign Tourist Street, now even expanding their activities to Bo AI Street, Fuxin Street, Dali Ancient City, Xizhou, Zhoucheng, Xiaguan, Jizu Mountain, Weibao Mountain and the other tourist interesting spots in the whole prefecture.

Besides Red Camellia Hotel (The Second Municipal Government Hotel), lodging service for foreign tourists is also provided by Asian Star Hotel, Golden Flower Hotel, Dali Hotel, Yu An Hotel and Mekong River Cultural & Art Center.

Now, Huguo Street already becomes Dali Foreign Tourist Street in foreign tourist map. By this fact, we know that Dali Foreign Tourist Street is famous around the world. It becomes a place longing to be visited by foreign tourists, a sweet home on their journey in China.