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Avalokitesvara's Altar

Avalokitesvara Altar is located at the foot of Shengying Peak in the south of the ancient town of Dali, north of the Mocan Brook and five km. from the City proper. It is a magnificent Buddhist temple in the Dali area.

Avalokiteshvara Altar

Avalokitesvara Altar faces the east. The entrance of the temple is composed of five juxtaposition ally connected gateways with decorated arches and upturned eaves, and it is one of the four famous arched gates of Dali.

Inside the gate stands an ingeniously constructed pavilion. Behind the pavilion, a huge rock (called the rock the woman carried on her back) sits in a pond with a circumference of about 50 metres. On the huge rock, rises the temple of Avalokitesvara with marble pillars, roofs, gates, stairs and so on. On the east side of the temple, a marble bridge joins the temple with other pavilions and a zigzag bridge. On the west side, another marble bridge leads to the Great Hall of Great Siddhartha. In the temple, there are a great variety of flowers which bloom throughout the whole year.

The 19th day of every third, sixth and ninth month of the lunar year are consecrated to worshiping Avalokitesvara, and on that day, faithful devotees and people in general from far and near, stream in to worship Avalokitesvara by burning joss sticks and kowtowing to the Budhisattva. It is really a grand occasion.



Avalokiteshvara’s Chinese counterpart, Guanyin, is a bodhisattva. Bodhisattvas are loving, enlightened beings who support other people’s spiritual aspirations.

Assailants, robbers, fire, assassins, and wild animals are all things that Avalokiteshvara guards against. The genuine universe, the fourth planet, was made by him. His head once reportedly split in two from anguish when he saw how many evil souls still needed to be rescued from the world.

The Bodhisattva of Compassion, Avalokiteshvara, is the main figure in this picture. He serves as Tibet’s primary patron deity. He is perched atop a lunar disc on a lotus throne. To save all living things on the planet, this divinity manifests in a variety of ways, including the Dalai Lamas of Tibet.

Avalokiteshvara, also called Guanyin in Chinese, is a Bodhisattva.