Ancient Naxi Music

In the long course of development, the ancient Naxi nationality created its own music and preserved part of the Han classical music already lost in the inland China. This music combination is what we call Lijiang Daoist Music, "The National Treasure", and also known as Ancient Naxi Music. Its program consists of two sections: Baishaxiyue and Dongjingyinyue. The former, believed to be the music of the Yuan dynasty, is precious in that it is one of the few full-length classical orchestral music pieces; the latter, combining the Han and Naxi styles in performance, is the Daoist music introduced to Lijiang during the Ming and Qing dynasties.
Ancient Naxi Music reemerged in 1986. The Dayuan Ancient Naxi Music Association started to hold public concerts in 1988. It has not only hosted a large number of domestic and foreign specialists and travelers buy also given performances in many countries and regions, such as Great Britain, Norway, HongKong and Taiwan. Time and again, the performances have created sensations at home and abroad.

Incorporating ancient music pieces, ancient musical instruments and aged in its performance. ancient Naxi music is called " the Three Treasures". The only channel of instruction is from master to apprentice system, a historical witness to culture exchanges. Ancient Naxi music, a legacy of ancient Chinese music, is an indispensable part of the ancient town.

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