History of Honghe

Honghe Hani & Yi Autonomous Prefecture is one of many regions where the society, economy and culture have developed early in Yunnan province. The discovery of the fossils of the ancient Lama apes in Kaiyuan has proved that Honghe region is one of the human birth-places, Jianshui, Mengzi, and gejiu has been respectively made the center of politics,economy and culture of south Yunnan. And each has been famously named "the Trading Port of South Dian (Yunnan)", "Zhoulu of Dian", "the Famous Cultural County" and "the Tin Capital".

Shiping has been historically praised as "the first state for its literature and there is no superior to it in south Dian (Yunnan)".

Jianshui, famous for its ancient city, was historically called "Lin-an County. There are various sorts of ancient spots like old bridges and temples, typically the Confucius Temple. Zhilin Temple, stone Tablet of imperial Edict and The Old-cave Site in Yuan Dynasty, Chaoyang Temple, Lantern Temple in Ming Dynasty, Double-dragon Bridge, Congzheng Library, Xuezheng Test House and Nalon Headman House in Qing Dynasty all typically famous.

Mengzi is also an old county which was once an important trading port. In 1887 during Qing Dynasty when the government signed the Sino-French Special Treaty for Continuous Trade, Mengzi was made a trading port, and the Qing government set the first Yunnan customs in Mengzi. A French consulate was also set.France, Great Britain, the United States, Germany, Italy and Japan once established their post offices,companies,banks and churches in Mengzi,In 1886(Guangxu 12 year in Qing Dynasty) a telegram bureau was built up, and in 1897 the post office of Great Qing was established. They were the telegram and post offices in Yunnan province.

Gejiu, the "Tin Capital" famous both home and abroad, with a mining history dated back to 2000 years ago in Han Dynasty, is now a metallurgical industry city in which nonferrous metals are mined. Its major product is tin, and its output ranks the first in the whole country. A long with techniques improved in mining, sorting and smelting, Gejiu is famous in the world for its increasing quantity and good quality. It is also the main industrial area in south Yunnan and the capital of Honghe Hani & Yi autonomous prefecture.

Kaiyuan, Located in a low basin surrounded by mountains, anciently called "Armi State", now another industrially booming city after Gejiu, is now an important base for energy, chemistry, construction materials, and also a hub of traffic communication and a goods distributing center in south Yunnan.

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