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Zhu Family Garden in Jianshui Ancient Town

The garden in Xinjie Street of Jianshui county town is a large scale of residential buildings. The residential houses and ancestral hall were built by the rich man Zhu Weiqing and his brother during the reign of emperor Guangxu (1875-1908) of the Qing Dynasty occupying an area of more than 20,000 square meters. It is a typical southern private garden, known as “the Grand-view Garden” in border area.

Divided into dwelling houses and ancestral halls, the private garden has layout of "vertically, three courtyard houses and horizontally, four” and "four small yards attached to one big yard". Altogether there are 42 yards. With the well arranged yard and well furnished room and halls, the structure of the architecture can be described as "streamlined " .On the left side and near the street are 13 suspending houses and the right side are the ancestral halls that face a pool, a sate and pavilions .Poems and pictures are carved on the stone banisters around the pool. There are 28 guest rooms opened for accommodation, most of them are named base on the plants like “Plum Blossom”, “Orchid”, “Bamboo” and “chrysanthemum” etc. Furniture in the chambers is mainly made with wood that represent the designs in Qing dynasty style.
In the center of the garden there is a flower hall the two sides of which are called "xiulou”, a place where ladies lived. The place in front of the flower hall is naturally divided into two gardens .Rockeries and rice fields in the east garden and bamboo groves and flowers in the west garden reveal a typical style of a southern private garden. Thus it enjoys the fame "the Daguan Darden at a Border Town".

The arrangement of Zhu Family Garden shows the elegance of the whole architectural complex. With the upturned eaves, the vivid paintings and exquisite carvings on the roof beams, also the structure of the courtyard, they all help reflecting how the Zhu Family’s life was in the past.

Large and magnificent buildings like the private Garden of the Zhu family are now rarely seen in China. Today, it is one of the provincial cultural relics.

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