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Unique Tourism Resources

There are various beautiful scenery is south tropical are a in Honghe. The cultural customs of the ethnic minorities, the ancient spots, unique views, the incomparable traditional crafts and the various sites of ancient culture that are valuable for scientific research together have made up an abundance of different graceful and elegant tourism scenery. The four best tourism Lines already built up in the whole prefecture have linked the following into one; the first cave in Yunnan-Luxi Alu Old Cave, the Swallow Cave Wonder in south Yunnan-Jianshui Swallow Cave, the biggest one in Asia, the White Dragon Cave in Mile-the human paradise, South Cave in Kaiyuan, the Dawei Mountain Forest Park and The Bear Park, which enables andone whoever goes there feels as entering in the nature, and the border-crossing tour in Hekou that may let the travelers taste a foreign culture. All tourism scenery and different landscapes are linked with one another. In a word, the Honghe Valley that is full of mysteries and wonders might be your good choice to conduct a scientific survey, a study tour, traveling, recuperating, resting or a crossing border travel.

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