Tiger-Jumping Rocks

The Tiger-Jumping Rocks is situated at the foot of the mountains at the edge of the Yingjiang Basin and 34 kilometers southwest of the county seat. In this place, two huge rocks, like two half - opened gates, block the Daying River, whose upper section is flowing smoothly. The distance between the two rocks is only 7.3 meters, where a tiger can jump from one rock to the other, hence the name. As the river suddenly becomes narrow, the currents become swift, with big waves rolling as powerfully as thunderbolts. There is a saying that you can't boast of having been to Yingjiang unless you have been to the Tiger Jumping Rocks. After flowing 500 meters further, the water is completely blocked by a precipice, where the Daying River has been devoured by a small cave and only the roaring of the water can be heard. Through the cave, the water pours roaring down the rocky banks, where waterfalls are gushing over the edge of the precipice and form a magnificent rainbow in the sun.

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