Capital of the subtropical frontier county of Ruili, she lies on the east bank of the golden Ruili River, Whence comes her name. People call Ruili "the foggy town", in the wintertime, she wakes up under a blanket of fog that she only sheds an hour or two after midday to welcome the sun.

In the afternoon, when the sun had burned away the fog, the streets swarmed with women in their bright parasols held over their heads. At curbside, Dai women offered slices of watermelon for sale and colorful silks and yarns.

Ruili is a beautiful land covered by green subtropical rain forest, dotted with big Banyan trees, each one looking like a forest. Buddhist temples can be seen everywhere in this city. The most famous temple is Jiele Golden Temple composed of 17 ring - shaped towers. The major tower is 36 meters high, surrounded by the other 16 towers that are smaller in size and height. Some outdoor scenes of the famous TV program " Journey to the West " were taken here.
Ruili is 839 km from Kunming. You can go there by bus or, you can fly to Mangshi first, and then transfer to Ruili by bus. In Ruili, you can travel to Myanmar with the assistance of any travel agency there.

Ruili Border Trade Street

Ruili Border Trade Street is located at the northwestern end of the town. It came into use on May 1, 1989. The street covers an area of 32,000 square meters, and there are 6 gardens in the center of the street.

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