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Great Golden Pagoda at Jiele

The pagoda is situated at Jiele Village, 7 kilometers away from Ruili Town and close to NO. 320 National Road. It has a long history and has experienced eight destructions and eight reconstructions. The pagoda now was modeled in the early 1980s on its original style. It is honored as the first Buddhist pagoda in Dehong. It enjoys the same prestige as Mandele Buddhist Pagoda in Burma and is one of the most famous Buddhist pagodas in Southeast Asia. The pagoda is a Southern Buddhist pagoda built of bricks and stones. The magnificent main pagoda is 39.5 meters tall, with 16 smaller pagodas around it. All pagodas are like bottle gourds and are of a golden color. In the past the Great Golden Pagoda had been built with joint efforts by the Chinese and Burmese people. On important occasions such as the Water Splashing Festival, there will be three-day Buddhist services for contributions and prayers. Therefore, the Golden Pagoda is a symbol of the friendship between the Chinese and the Burmese people. Thus it is honored as "a Rural Natural Park".

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