Da Yingjiang River

The Daying River is one of the three major tributaries of the Irrawaddy. It is 240 kilometers long within China. It passes the old city of Yingjiang and Manyin Street, and then flows southward along the boundary line before it pours into the Irrawaddy at Bhamo of Burma. Lt finally empties into the Bay of Bengal of Indian Ocean. The Daying River is a tropical river running through ravines. It consists of two sections with quite different Landscapes respectively. On the riverbank of the Yingjiang section, green and Luxuriant banian trees Look like umbrellas; in the distance where the water seems to meet the sky, bamboos seem to be growing in the water. At the end of the river the Daying River reaches "the Tiger-Jumping Rocks". There are quite a few natural landscapes and historical relics. The most typical are as follows: the national preservation unit "the Official Residence of the Nandian Chief Administrator", the relics where the world-famous "Margary Incident" took place, the Yunyan Southern Buddhist Pagoda, the Tiger -Jumping Rock, the king of the banian trees, the Mother of the Chinese Rubber Trees. The whole area abounds in natural scenery, historical relics and ethnic cultures.

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