Nan Zhao Stele

In A.D. 766 Geluofeng, King Piluoge's son, ascended the throne and erected the stele of Nanzhao in the city proper of Taihe. The stele measures 3.03 X 2.27 X 0.58 metres. It is the largest stele of the Tang Dynasty kept in good condition in Yunnan. On the facade, there are carved 3,800 Chinese characters which vividly describe the early history of Nanzhao Kingdom, its relationship with the Tang emperors and the whys and wherefores of the Tianbao warfare. The language is touching and eloquent and the calligraphy powerful, very similar to the handwriting of Li Beihai (Li Yong). But actually, they were written by Zheng Hui, the Qingpingguan or prime minister (second only to the king) of Nanzhao Kingdom at the time. On the back of the stele, there are engravings of the names of the high ranking officials, generals and administrators. The inscriptions carved on the stele are important information for the study of Nanzhao Kingdom's history and her relations with the Tang Dynasty.

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