FINE DRIED NOODLES: The production of dried noodles has a very long history. The Golden Dragon brand noodles are particularly famous for its excellent quality, purity, smoothness, softness, durability and good taste.


PRESSED SALTED DUCK: Bright, crisp and tasty.


CRYSTAL SUGAR: Brighish and refreshing.


COFFEE ARABICA: Awarded a certificate of honour by the Ministry of Foreign Economic and Trade Relations for its excellent quality. The protein and glucose contents exceed foreign products. It sells well in Japan, the Soviet Union, Hungary, Poland and other countries.


WHITE PEPPER: Remarkable for its large size, clear colour and strong flavour.


MANGO: Nourishing and tasty.


PRESERVED BULBS OF GARLIC: Tasty, well lasting, whetting the appetite, relieving a cough, allaying inflammation and diarrhoea.


FRIED MUNG BEAN: Crisp and tasty.


TUO PEAR: Large, fleshy, tasty, juicy and nourishing.


SILK: The Yongchang Silk - silk products from Baoshan has long been selling very well in Southeast and West Asian countries and enjoys a very good market at home and abroad.
THE TONGBA BAG: Tongba means a bag or a satchel of the typical minority style, bright-coloured, well designed and exquisitely made. It has the honour of being awarded a Golden Dragon medal as one of the best tourist souvenirs over the country. It began to be sold in USA in 1981.

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