Baoshan Prefecture locate in Yunnan western part and lie in at 100 a degree of each, 24 a degree of each at 25 a degree of each north latitude, 19637 of the whole area 98 a degree of each east longitude. Unless the east, whether Lincang Prefecture boarded by, the Northeast and the adjoint in Bai Autonomous Prefecture of Dalies, connect north with Nujiang Lisu's autonomous prefecture, adjoin southwest with Dai&Jingpo Autonomous Prefecture of Dehong, the Northwest and south and Burma bounded, A section of 167.78 kilometers in long Baoshan Prefecture of national boundaries.

Baoshan Prefecture is located in thwart south of mountain range section. Thwart mountain enter people protect behind the mountain, reduce suddenly at imposing manners, the grand a grand one is the vertical valley ground form depend on, it ands intersperse by volcano ground forms , karst ground forms , basin ground form form magnificent colorful ground form of High and low south north relief, at high Li tribute mountain heavy angries, above sea level each, minimum leave the country place No. ten thousand peak for Nujiang, 533 meters above sea level. The rivers adhere to Lancang River, Nujiang, Irrawaddy river system separately, flow into from north southwards, the waterpower resource are abundant , the water level change of season is great. The geothermal energy resources in Baoshan Prefecture is extremely abundant , geothermal power, such as hot spring, boiling spring, jet-propelled spring, carbonic acid spring, low temperature huge spring, hot spring, hot water marsh, etc. show. Big, type many the wide, intensities of scope of activities geothermal power, it rates as rarely the whole districts have 179 of hot springs, geothermal power field and geothermal power rich person who collect places among them.

Flow out every years by 160 million about hot water cubic meters, Heat the 8,403,400 million about kJ (kilojoule) where hot waters, steams take and produce /make and equal to and burn 287,000 tons standard coal warm hot spring 149,121,000 joule(J)s of flows in the whole districts until every year /second, The potential installed capacity is 59,600 kilowatts, is the ideal place where China develops geothermal power generation by estimate sing and generates electricity in natural sending out heat amount France. Baoshan Prefecture locate in many metals mineralize and bring, mineralize superior terms. Has already found more than 50 kinds of mineral products so far, the metal and mineral products which know the reserves have iron, titanium, copper, zinc, tin, tungsten, mercury, silver, cutting with scissors, sawing, shielding, aluminium, pan; The nonmetal mineral products have diatomaceous earth, wollastonite, cement lime stone, cement clay, sulphur iron ore, Gao LingTu; The mineral products of energy have uranium, Io, lignite, mud charcoal, etc..

Baoshan Prefecture should forest land 1,146,000 area hectare, it is among them 585,000 hectares of area of woodses, forest 29.8% coverage rate. In the abundant forest reserves, there are more than 2200 kinds of higher plant that has already known, more than 80 of precious seeds are planted among them, a lot of do not have famous wood ancient tree of the local characteristic ! The high tribute mountain and national-level animals and plants of nature reserve area resource of Li are particularly abundant , the distribution centre of world azalea and original dried rhizome of rehmanniae of Yunnan camellia. Seizing the wood, fragrant camphor tree, caught wood, etc. of Baoshan Prefecture, raise Beijing and was used in the advanced building.

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