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The Graveyard of the National Heroes

The graveyard constructed to honour the martyrs at the battle of recovering Tengchong lies in the west of the county seat at about 1 kilometre's distance. The construction was started in 1944 and completed on the 7th of July, 1945. Covering over 10,000 square meters, the main structures are the memorial tower, the martyrs' tombs, the memorial hall and the gate. The pine and cypress trees densely planted on the mountain slope add to the solemn tranquility of the site. At the completion of the cemetery, Chiang Kai-shek penned an inscription meaning "The just cause for which they shed their blood lasts forever and ever." Yu Youren wrote the title of the cemetery. Li Genynan praised the martyrs as "National Heroes." Other high-ranking military officers of the Kuomin tang, such as He Yingqin, Wei Lihang, Huo Kwizhang, Zhou Fucheng, Qiu Hanqian and Gu Baoyu, all wrote inscriptions for the martyrs. The cemetery is placed under the province's protection.

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