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King of the Azalea in the World

Traditionally, the azalea is one of the ten most famous flowers in China. This beautiful flower can be found throughout the county. Of more than 800 varieties of azaleas, over 600 kinds have been found in China, which is the original birthplace of azaleas. Azaleas grow compactly in Yunnan, for more than 300 species have been found in this province. Usually, the azalea is a shrub or small arbor of one or two meters tall. However, in the Gaoligong Mountains of Tengchong, the azalea has a height of several dozens of zhang (about 3 meters), and produces countless blooms. Therefore, it is called "the Giant Azalea".

In February of 1981, in the virgin forest of the Gaoligong Mountains in Tengchong, Chinese scientists found a group of the tallest and biggest azaleas. The biggest one, with a height of 25 meters and a diameter of 3.07 meters at its foot, is over 500 years old, known as "the King of the Azalea in the World". "The Giant Azalea" is now under national protection.

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