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Black and White Brother Pagodas

Seating elegantly on the hill behind the Menlong Village, Menglong Township, 70 km from Jinghong city is Menglong White Pagoda, while his brother, the Black Pagoda in Damenglong is located on a small hill, west of Damenglong Township and 73 km from the Jinghong.

Constructed in 1203, White Pagoda was shaped after bamboo shoot. A brick-clay conned structure with solid core, it consists of a mother pagoda, several baby pagodas and six huge clay dragons. The White Pagoda was famous at home and in southeast Asian countries for a Buddhist " holy deed ", that is, the half of footprint 80 cm long and 58 cm wide, which said to be left by Sakyamuni, the founder of the Buddhist religion. The White Pagoda is a key cultural relics unit under State protection.

Constructed in 1204, the Black Pagoda was originally of black appearance upon completion. It is a calabash-shaped hexahedron 18-meter-high 7-storey pagoda embraced with eight colored clay dragons. In the past 800 years , it has been painted several times, and now it is of silver white appearance. The Black Pagoda is also famous at home and abroad for a footprint 160cm long and 60cm wide left by deity Pazhao Getama.

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