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The Zhuang Nationality

It was called " Liao" and "Pu" in history , and it was changed as the "Zhuang" in 1965. It is differed from the color of clothes as "Blue Zhong" and "White Zhong". The total population of Zhuang Nation in Yunnan is about 1 million who inhabits in the Wenshang, Guangnan and Funing those closing to the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region. The language and folk customs are as same as those in Guangxi .Zhuang nation has the language but no the writing words, generally using the Chinese. Most festivals are as same as the Han (Chinese). but a difference is the custom when at the eve of Spring Festival ,the man must get up at the deep night and shoulder the water and fill up the container, next day he cooks the meals and does the housework all the day , the women only have the rest and playing which means giving thanks for the woman on busy a year around.

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